Growing up in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, I had two passions - drawing and the automobile.  Those two themes remain a constant in my work, but that's only part of my repertoire. As a child, I sketched a lot.  A lot of cars, but also landscapes and animals.  My constant doodling lead to formal art classes after school in junior and senior high.  Those classes introduced me to the world of painting and colour theory at a young age.

After high school an interest in geography lead me to earn a diploma in the field of Cartography from the College of Geographic Studies (also known a COGS) in 1999.  This intense two year program covered everything from traditional mapping methods (including screen printing and using a dark room to expose photography), to modern digital methods utilizing graphics software and GIS. One of the maps I created in 1999 won the President's Prize for Excellence in Cartography in the field of Journalistic Maps at that year's International Cartographic Exhibition. My experience at the college taught my to strive for accuracy, and introduced me to the world of vector graphics and typography. I have honed my skills since, producing vector artwork for clients, and sell vector artwork online as stock imagery.

After this I decided to study something more artistic, so I enrolled in the 3D Animation and Visualization program at McKenzie College. Courses covered a wide variety of subjects: traditional animation, traditional arts including life drawing with live models, and graphics software for photo editing, video editing, sound editing and 3D modelling.

Upon graduation, I was hired as a Graphic Designer at Eastlink Advertising - a position I held for 15 years. While employed at Eastlink, I was responsible for working with a team with fellow designers on group and solo projects. Using a wide variety of resources, I created advertising for clients from concept through to creation and implementation for television, print, and the Internet. The quality and dedication I bring to my work is evident in the fact that advertising I produced has been influential in the repeat business of many clients.

I’m also well versed in creating materials that adhere to established branding standards. Many of Eastlink’s clients had an established brand identity with specific rules to be followed during ad creation. In addition, I was personally responsible for a recent re-brand of Eastlink Advertising’s products which included redesigning logos, the creation of visual guidelines and revising all internal documents to the new brand standard.

Since the closing of the Eastlink Advertising department in late May of 2015, I have been working freelance in the fields of graphic and visual arts. I’m eager to get back into the workforce in a field I’m passionate in, either full time or on for smaller projects. If you want to work with me, contact me and we can discuss our options.  I look forward to each new project and am eager to speak with you.

Craig Pitman

Mount Uniacke, NS, Canada


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