With over 20 years of experience in acrylics, I do take commissions.  Contact me to discuss our options.  I can work from photography, or we can schedule a photo shoot if need be.

Vector illustration

Vector illustration is one of my specialties, and my love of cars is evident in this gallery. However, my work isn't limited to the automobile.

My illustrations begin life with either a photograph for reference or with hand drawn sketches. If you're looking for a commissioned illustration, contact
me and we can discuss or options. I can work from photographs you supply, or we can arrange a time for me to take photographs personally for reference.

If the subject matter is a car that's long gone, I can also work with old photos and an accurate description to replicate your long-gone ride to the last detail.

You'll receive the digital artwork in vector format - scalable to any size imaginable, as well as any raster formats you request. If you're looking for a print, I can give you an estimate for printing and have it shipped to your door.