If you need advertising, I can provide high quality pieces consistent with your brand at affordable rates.  Print, television, web – let me help expand your presence.

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  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Online
  • Print
  • Television

Most of the pieces to the right are advertising for television, the bulk of the work I've done at Eastlink Advertising. Most of these ads play on a portion of a traditional SD television screen, which is why the text may appear larger than in a typical, full screen ad.  However, they are proportional to either NTSC SD or HD advertising, to help ease the editing of regular broadcast ads to fit the format.  Also note that they do not follow traditional NTSC safe frames as well.  Due to the wide variety of television formats I create ads for, I’m well versed in editing together conflicting formats, and in repurposing an existing ad for another format.

Looking for more video ads?  Browse my youtube channel.



In addition to working directly with you, I also have photography and vector graphics available to purchase online at Shutterstock and iStock, as well as their affiliates. If you like my work and are looking for something pre-produced, please browse my galleries to see if I have anything you can use.


Vector illustration is one of my specialties, and my love of cars is evident in this gallery. However, my work isn't limited to the automobile.

My illustrations begin life with either a photograph for reference or with scanned, hand drawn sketches.

If you're looking for a commissioned illustration by me for personal use, please see my fine arts page for more information.


Are you looking for a logo for your business, or maybe a fresh take on your existing material?  I’ll work closely with you and discuss what your business is about and what it means to you.  We’ll work together to create something that reflects your business and personality.

If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me and we can discuss my rates.

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